How a suit can change a life?

How do you dress for a job interview? For many people, it’s a no-brainer. For some, it’s a major issue. Many disadvantaged men don’t have the clothing to look good for a job interview that could change their life. A job can deliver a huge confidence boost and it can help society to better combat issues of depression, suicide and domestic violence.

Good clothes will not immediately change the lives of these men but it’s one of the many important steps that propel the unemployed or refugees down the path to a new life.

Suit of Change’s role is to:

  • Collect and Distribute Preloved Menswear to the non-profits that need it the most
  • Provide style training and personal presentation material to non-profit staff and volunteers
  • Alter garments to ensure they fit well
  • Organise Free haircuts and grooming
  • Organise photographers to provide headshots for resume’s

And then spend time getting to know these men.

September 19th, 2017 is Suit of Change Collection Day and it has been created for two important reasons:

  • To highlight the important social benefits of providing clothing assistance to men in need.
  • To increase donations of pre-loved men’s clothing of which there is a shortage. We know how many men love to wear their clothes until the last.

How you can help change a life

Suit of Change Day is on September 19th in Sydney so please drop off any pre-loved suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, shoes and belts.

Drop off Points


-MLC Centre 19 Martin Place


– The foyer of 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane City.
– Wil Valor Showroom 7/41 Park Rd, Milton


Thank you for considering your support for this cause.

Please continue to spread the word and donate clothing.

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Suit of Change 2017

On May 21, 2015 Suit of Change collected over 1100 items of men’s clothing. This was a tremendous effort from Brisbane’s corporate community which included 200 suits, 115 jackets, 94 trousers, 431 shirts, 284 ties and 20 shoes.

Suit of Change was created to become a facilitator of clothing donations for our non-profit partners Suited to Success and St Vincent De Paul as the more sizes and clothing items they have the more people they can assist and the better fit they can provide their clients. I am passionate about personal presentation and I believe the right clothing for a job interview makes a great difference and is critical for the correct first impression.

A huge thank you to Chad, Ashley, Raven and Tony for sharing their stories and stepping out at the cocktail party as representatives for the amazing work being done by Suited to Success.

We are continuing to collect clothing at Wil Valor 7/41 Park Rd, Milton, Brisbane and 111 Eagle St, Brisbane.

Suit of Change Cocktail Party