Cocktail Party 2016

suit of change invite

Last year’s Cocktail Party was a great event and we are looking to make 2016 bigger and better.

Held at George’s Bar and Bistro from 5:30pm on the 19th May.


On May 21, Suit of Change collected over 1100 items of men’s clothing. This was a tremendous effort from Brisbane’s corporate community which included 200 suits, 115 jackets, 94 trousers, 431 shirts, 284 ties and 20 shoes.

Suit of Change was created to become a facilitator of clothing donations for our non-profit partners Suited to Success and St Vincent De Paul as the more sizes and clothing items they have the more people they can assist and the better fit they can provide their clients. I am passionate about personal presentation and I believe the right clothing for a job interview makes a great difference and is critical for the correct first impression.

A huge thank you to Chad, Ashley, Raven and Tony for sharing their stories and stepping out at the cocktail party as representatives for the amazing work being done by Suited to Success.

Our goal for Suit of Change didn’t end on May 21. This is an ongoing initiative and we aim to receive enough donations to enable these men to get a week’s worth of outfits once they have a job giving them a hand up for the first 6/12 months. Both Wil Valor and 111 Eagle St will continue to accept donations.

A very sincere thank you to everyone involved for making the Suit of Change Day a success.

Check out the photos and videos of speeches below: